October Letter

Hello you!

Steph here. It’s a beautiful fall evening here in Montana. The leaves have all turned various shades of gold and red and the full moon has just begun to rise high in the sky, peaking above the mountains. As the charged and busy summer begins to simmer down, I find myself reflecting on the year thus far. My heart is truly filled with gratitude as I reflect upon the many kindnesses, adventures, and moments of connection that I have known. I wanted to take a moment to simply thank those of you who have been supportive of our art. Whether it’s going to shows, lending your talents, buying our music, sharing feedback and/or encouragement, or sharing it with your friends and family. Every bit of support, no matter how “small”, means a lot to me and Justin.

As independent musicians in today’s times, it seems that we are constantly steaming ahead and thinking of the next thing…forgetting to take the time to reflect on what has been thus far. So, THANK YOU. I am so very proud of the two singles that we have released, and I am very excited for the many things in the works! (Various stages of gestation). We have our third and final single “Anchor Town” due to be out sometime at the beginning of December and then the whole stinking thing comes out at the beginning of next year! Woah! Music is the joy and truth of my life and watching this evolve and blossom is truly WHERE IT’S AT!

Big Sky Redemption started as a spark, which turned into a song, which turned into five songs, which turned into fifteen songs. It started as a simple recording, which turned into a collaboration, which turned into a band. It started with me banging on my guitar and pouring out my heart, which turned into dozens of live shows, which turned into your playing it in your speakers. It is about seeking, dreaming, wandering, and jumping into the unknown. It is about authenticity, and healing, and redemption. It is about peeling the layers back, owning your story, and stepping into your own vulnerability and strength. There is a lot of LOVE in this record. There is a lot of LIGHT in this record. There is pain in this record. There is play in this record. Processing in this record. Coming around full circle in this record. It is a delicious piece of juicy fruit waiting to be bit into. So, TAKE A BITE if you will, my friends.

We are always open and curious to hear any questions or feedback that you may have. What’s your favorite song so far? Any places you would like for us to come and play? Any thing you’d like to see in video? Feel free to engage and comment below…and stay tuned for our blog letter next month from the infallible Justin Birchard.

Peace and Love,


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