The Plutopians Have Landed! (New Name)

You will notice a name change on all media going forward. The Plutopians have landed! It’s time to make it official that I’m now in a band with the talented, good soul, man-of-many-hats wiz, mister Justin Birchard. Hence forth we shall be Steph Yeager and the Plutopians!

Justin has been a long-time friend of mine, he helped record and mix my last album Campfire Sessions, and has been working with me diligently on the current record. Justin also runs our label Seven Sided Records. I’m very excited to see how all of this will progress and I feel super lucky! I realize there are some of you that may be confused, as we’ve been working mostly behind the scenes and have a pretty unique band dynamic. How all of this came about requires a story:

Justin and I started this project under the assumption that he’d record a bunch of songs that I wrote and assist me in creating Big Sky Redemption. We decided he’d take on a producer type of role, writing a few parts to add color, and helping me record and execute the songs in the studio.

As this process evolved, Justin became more and more involved. He masterfully wrote and arranged most of the other parts (not to mention recording, mixing, and mastering). Over the winter, I realized it would be totally wrong to release this as MY record, considering all of the work, time, and artistic flare that he has contributed (seriously ya’ll… it really is amazing). Since we had both started to feel like we were a band, we figured let’s just be one! So here we are.

Justin lives just outside of Chicago. I live in Montana. The writing, recording, mixing, and execution of this is the culmination of a lot of work, thought, heart, and time across the span of thousands of miles. It was accomplished in a unique way through various mediums– phone calls, emails, voice notes, file transfers, and cross country visits. But cheesy as it may sound, music knows no true distance. And if there is a moral to this story, I suppose that would be it. I am proud to be a Plutopian and you will be hearing and seeing much more from this duo in the coming months.

Want to hear something right now? You’re in luck! We are proud to announce that the first single, Traveling Towards A Dream is DONE!!

It will be available for download and streaming everywhere within the next few weeks. OR, because we love you… you can download an exclusive FREE copy of the first single right now before everybody else by clicking here and signing up for our newsletter!  After you signup you’ll receive an email with a link where you can download the song for free.

Thank you so very much for the support from the bottom of our hearts.

Plutopians, out.







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